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Weave a circle round him thrice...
...and close your eyes with holy dread
Sam/Lucifer - An Annotated List 
4th-Mar-2010 08:49 pm
[Zelda] Master Sword

I've been making my own fiction and book lists for as long as I can remember and I've really started to enjoy it again now that I'm back in school and studying cataloguing. That said, I doubt this list will ever be as comprehensive as I would like. Nevertheless, if you love this pairing like I do, it should still provide you with a nice starting point.

This pairing can get dark, and that's fine, but there are certain things I won't read.

To be eligible for this list (as this is more my reading list than an attempt at a master list), fics must conform to the following:
  • Contain Sam/Lucifer as the focus or one of the main pairings.
  • Contain no Sam/Lucifer/others - these two only, please.
  • Contain no straight-out physical noncon, BDSM, humiliation, and the like.

A Note About Ratings and Genres...

Because different authors and archives all seem to use a different rating system and personal opinion can differ enormously, I'm going to spell out what the ratings - for this list, anyway - really mean. It's still subjective, but at least this way you can find the sort of fic you're looking for a little more easily.


G - suitable for your four year-old cousin. The bare bones of a story with the often dark motivations stripped away. "Rated E for Everyone" kind of thing.
PG - mild language, violence.
PG-13 - dark themes, strong violence/language, and/or light romance (sexual allusions permitted).
R - sexual situations, graphic violence, and/or disturbing subject matter.
NC-17 - explicit sexual situations.

Of course, any higher rating can, and often does, include elements of the ratings below it.


For the most part, I've replaced this section with any warnings, other pairings, or other notable things about the fic instead of true genres.

Also, PWP has gotten a bad reputation. I don't mean it disparagingly at all, just as an indicator that the primary subject of the fic is, well, the porn part. Many of these have excellent characterisations.

By all means, please rec me some new or missed fanfiction.

Other places you can find Sam/Lucifer:

Sam/Lucifer - A Supernatural Annotated List

30 Seconds to Wake Up by slippery_fish
Summary: "I want my brother back," Lucifer says, and Sam shrugs.
R / drama / Sam PoV

And Again I See by brokenangel6662
Summary :Sam hasn’t said yes, but Lucifer has him. Another angel watches and sees the same patterns from an eternity ago.
PG / angst / Shifting PoV (Lucifer, Remiel)

As if No One is Watching by mithrel
Summary: When the disorientation of transport cleared, Sam looked around in mounting horror. “Oh, hell no!”
PG / fluff / Sam PoV

Bait and Switch by entangled_now
Summary: In which Lucifer's minions are not going to win any 'employee of the month' awards.
R / humour / Sam PoV
Summary: In which Sam is in trouble, Dean is not an idiot and no one trusts Lucifer.
PG-13 / humour, drama / Sam PoV

Behind the Curtain
Summary: In which Castiel gets a good look at Lucifer, and Dean has a plan.
PG-13 / drama, angst / Shifting PoV
Best Idea Ever by entangled_now
Summary: In which Sam is made compliant in the hopes that it will make him say yes.
PG-13 / crack, high!Sam / Sam PoV

Better That We Break by mithrel
Summary: “You don’t know what you’re asking!”
PG-13 / wing!fic, / Sam PoV

Broken Thread by emerald_embers
Summary: Lucifer had not been imprisoned in one form alone.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV

Break, Fill, Overflow by entangled_now
Summary: Sometimes it's not about what you can see.
R / fluff / Sam PoV

Cry Me a River by holydread
Summary: Lucifer wants to know: does Sam Winchester cry his way through sex?
R / crack / Sam PoV

Dead End Signs and Wasted Land by dime_for_12
Summary: Sam, down the rabbit role with only the devil for company.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV

Devil in the Details by holydread
Summary: How Sam learned to stop worrying and love the devil possessing him.
PG-13 / drama, Samifer / Sam PoV

Dusting Down the Stars by character_bleed
Summary: Set in an alternate reality where the trade centers around angels. Sam is a breakaway from the family tradition: A healer rather than a hunter. When Ellen calls him to help rehabilitate a newly-captured angel, he finds his entire world turned upside down and revolving not around business, but redemption.
R / AU, Dean/Castiel / Sam PoV

Eyes Forward by _bluebells
Summary: Sam's dream takes them to university for a change of scenery.
PG-13 / vignette / Sam PoV

Faces of Evil by starbright73
Summary: Lucifer wants Sam and uses every dirty trick in the book. Dean faces hell all over and Bobby watches the brothers fall apart only to rise again, like true Winchesters.
R / dark, dubcon / Shifting PoV
(part 2), (part 3)

Fade to Black by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which Sam finds another way.
NC-17 / demon blood / Sam PoV

Fire by yellowwolf5
Summary: Sam can't help it and can't explain it, but he's drawn to Lucifer.
NC-17 / PWP / Sam PoV

Fire Beneath by entangled_now
Summary: Lucifer's time is running out.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV

The Fourth Wall Series by entangled_now
Browser History
Summary: In which Sam does another sort of research, and Dean is amused.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

Summary: In which Dean teaches Castiel new things, and Sam pretends he's an only child.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

Help and Support
Summary: In which Dean is not helpful, and Sam is never talking to the internet again.
R / Dean/Castiel / Sam PoV

Parental Controls
Summary: In which Dean is surprised, Sam's afraid of his laptop, and Chuck has a headache.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Sleep Mode
Summary: In which Castiel expands his horizons, Dean is oblivious, and Sam thinks about getting a restraining order.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

End Task
Summary: In which Dean gets mad, Sam gets called out for making time with Lucifer, and the laptop dies in the line of duty.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Save As...
Summary: In which Castiel misses the internet, Sam marvels at the levels of denial, and Dean finally gets hit by the clue bus.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Work Offline
Summary: In which Dean feels abandoned, Sam gambles, and Lucifer discovers candy.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Network Connections
Summary: In which Castiel comes back, Dean doesn't quite know what to do with him, and Sam brings home a new laptop.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

Safe Mode
Summary: In which Dean is threatened by his fanfic self and Sam doesn't know where second base is.
NC-17 / Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

Privacy Settings
Summary: In which Sam is injured in the line of duty, Dean is a terrible nurse and a Winchester decides to trust the fanfic.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Password Protection
Summary: In which Dean touches an angel and Sam's life is a soap opera.
R / Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

Summary: In which Sam has relationship issues, Dean disapproves of tentacles, and someone makes a big gesture.
PG-13 / preslash / Shifting PoV

User Accounts
Summary: In which the Winchesters go hunting, Castiel learns life lessons and Lucifer finds out what Sam wants.
PG-13 / Dean/Castiel / Shifting PoV

Slow Burn
Summary: In which Lucifer misbehaves and Sam doesn't mind.
PG-13 / romance / Sam PoV
Frostbite by amor_remanet
Summary: Lucifer visits Sam's dreams.
PG / angst / Sam PoV

Fundamental Disconnect by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which the Apocalypse has ended, but the universe still apparently has its sights set on making Sam’s life into a soap opera.
PG-13 / crack / Sam PoV

Give You Everything by cassandra_leeds
Summary: Lucifer seduces while Sam holds out against saying yes.
R / dubcon, PWP / Sam PoV

God is a DJ by character_bleed
Summary: In which Dean thinks it'll be funny to watch Castiel try to dirty dance and his plan backfires; in which Sam wonders where the devil learned to make Mojitos and seduce him so craftily.
NC-17 / dubcon, PWP, Dean/Castiel, crack / Shifting PoV
Bad Body Double
Summary: Sam has to watch as Lucifer gives a flirtatious wink and a wave of one hand, then bats his eyelashes and practically swoons into Dean's lap asking what he'd like tonight.
R / crack / Sam PoV
The Greater Good by mithrel
Summary: Lucifer makes a bargain with Sam.
NC-17 / dubcon / Sam PoV
No More Than This
Summary: Lucifer’s gone and the Apocalypse is over. Sam should be happy.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV
Hold On (to Yourself This Time) by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which the Fate of the world rests in the hands of Sam Winchester.
PG-13 / introspective / Sam PoV

Idle Hands by entangled_now
Summary: Sam encourages a little exploration.
R / masturbation / Sam PoV

I'll Be Your Lover kaylynnkie
Summary: Lucifer taunts Sam from within the depths of subconsciousness.
PG-13 / dark, Lucifer as Sam / Sam PoV

I Will Possess Your Heart by roseganymede
Summary: If "The End" hadn't ended the way it did...
PG-13 / wincest / Sam PoV

If I Drown Tonight, Bring Me Back to Life by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which Lucifer perfects his angelic stalking abilities and Sam discovers the King of Hell isn’t as black-and-white as he appears.
R / PWP, halo!fic / Sam PoV

In the Looking Glass by pickledwarf
Summary: It’s strange, how different bodies have different sensory inputs, different ways of seeing the world.
R / masturbation, Lucifer as Sam / Lucifer PoV

In Long Embrace by holydread
Summary: Lucifer did not anticipate how long the nights would be when he threw his lot in with the Winchesters', but he is finding ways to pass the time.
R / PWP / Lucifer PoV

Indulgence by proven_alien
Summary: "I never thought I would be free of that place, for me being trapped in the dark, cold, alone, helpless was far worth than death, so anything you want anything and I will give it to you."
NC-17 / PWP, wing!fic / Sam PoV

It's the Soundtrack to the End by cocoaphonic
Summary: In the end, it's so easy to say yes.
PG-13 / wincest / Sam PoV
This Rhythm that Tears a Hole by free_pirate
Summary: Turns out, saying yes is the easy part. What’s harder, what matters more, is time and how it’s used. (Companion to Soundtrack.)
PG-13 / angst / Other PoV (Dean)
Last Man Standing by entropy_maximum
Summary: "Sam thinks he's gonna go insane, that or say yes and at the moment he's not sure which would be worse."
NC-17 / PWP, dubcon / Sam PoV

Lay Your Head on the Block by mithrel
Summary: Lucifer wants to get Sam to trust him any way he can.
NC-17 / collar!fic / Sam PoV

Learn to Fly by devilsduplicity
Summary: Lucifer holds Sam hostage at a strange hotel. It's not as bad as Sam thinks.
PG / angst, drama / Sam PoV

Lies and Crooked Wings by pada_something
Summary: Why Sam will say yes.
PG-13 / vignette / Sam PoV

Life Less Ordinary by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which Lucifer makes it his mission to distract Sam, and Sam manages to derail the Archangel's plans for the Apocalypse.
NC-17 / AU, h/c / Sam PoV

Light and Burn by entangled_now
Summary: In which Sam tries to do impossible things.
NC-17 / wing!kink / Sam PoV

Like a Bone by stangerine88
Summary: This is what terrifies him the most- more than hunters wanting to use him, more than the pull of the blood or the idea that he ended the world- that he can’t tell. The only difference between dreaming and when he wakes is Lucifer.
PG-13 / wincest / Sam PoV
(part 2)

Like Drowning by entangled_now
Summary: Lucifer strays where he's not allowed, and Sam falls.
NC-17 / rough sex / Sam PoV

Love That Saves Us by hiasobi
Summary: In the end, Sam says yes. (And saves them all.)
PG-13 / angst / Shifting PoV / master list to the 'verse

Mama, We All Go to Hell by dime_for_12
Summary: Lucifer finds Sam despite the sigil.
PG / angst / Sam PoV

The Nature of Apples by entangled_now
Summary: In which Sam offers Lucifer an apple.
R / PWP / Sam PoV
Apples and Oranges by aeon_entwined
Written as a coda to The Nature of Apples. (Read that before you read this.)

Summary: There is more to this future than fire and brimstone ... thanks to Sam.
NC-17 / angst, romance / Lucifer PoV

Trust Me
Summary: In which Dean is confused by the Devil and Sam’s life slowly starts spiralling into yet another soap opera …
PG-13 / angst, romance / Other PoV (Dean)

Looking Down the Barrel
Summary: In which Sam has a heart-to-heart with Lucifer, and the consequences aren't what either of them expected ...
R / angst, romance / Sam PoV

Turning White and Senses Dying
Summary: In which Sam's eyes are opened and the Devil makes a confession.
PG-13 / romance / Sam PoV

Running, and Not Quite Sure Where to Go
Summary: In which Castiel discusses options with Dean, and Sam makes a choice.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV

So Let in the Morning Light
Summary: In which Sam learns a thing or two about archangels, and Lucifer is painfully honest.
PG-13 / angst / Sam PoV

Sometimes Faith Feels Like Doubt
Summary: In which Sam discovers the benefits of having an archangel stalker and Lucifer makes a big gesture.
PG-13 / angst, romance / Shifting PoV

Crash and Burn
Summary: In which Dean learns more than he wanted to and lines are crossed as bridges burn.
NC-17 / romance / Sam PoV

We Will Keep it Alight Together
Summary: In which their journey is far from over, but the way there is looking far more enjoyable.
PG-13 / humour, romance / Sam PoV
Norms by mithrel
Summary: “Explain to me again why humans do this?”
G / crack, piercings / Omniscient PoV

Nothing Owned (Something Owned) by krystalicekitsu
Summary: Sam wakes to the gentle feeling of fingertips dancing patterns into his back.
NC-17 / romance, smut, toys / Sam PoV

Nothing And Everything by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which Sam tests new waters and Lucifer learns a thing or two about humanity.
NC-17 / PWP, wing!fic, collars / Sam PoV

Nothing At All by entangled_now
Summary: "I don't want to talk," Sam tells the silent shape behind him.
PG-13 / dubcon / Sam PoV

Now, You Behave Like an Angel Should by devilyouwere
Summary: Lucifer finds him in his sleep again.
PG / preslash / Sam PoV

The Other Side by entangled_now
Summary: Lucifer doesn't submit easily.
NC-17 / collars / Sam PoV

Perchance to Dream by cordeliadelayne
Summary: Lucifer is nothing if not persistent.
NC-17 / PWP, dark / Sam PoV

Perish Twice by secondplatypus
Summary: The Devil runs cold, and craves warmth. Sam Winchester runs hot, and craves peace.
R / orgasm denial / Shifting PoV
What I've Tasted of Desire
Summary: In which the Morningstar drops in for another visit, and gives Sam a taste of grace.
R / introspective / Shifting PoV

I Think I Know Enough of Hate
Summary: Sam's sudden silence draws Lucifer to him, and when he finds the flame-warm soul he needs guttering out, the Devil shows some sympathy.
PG / angst, drama, schmoop / Shifting PoV

Fire and Ice
Summary: The Devil's at the door, seeking domination. Sam proves his strength, and shows him that you've got to, got to try a little tenderness. and then really important stuff happens.
NC-17 / wingkink, smut / Lucifer PoV

Some Say the World Will End
Summary: Revelations, realizations, aftermaths, angst, and a sacrifice.
R / angst, drama / Shifting PoV

Summary: The fates of Sam, the Morningstar, and the world.
PG / drama / Lucifer PoV
The Pineapple Variation by miya_morana
Summary: In the end, it wasn’t Michael or the colt or any supernatural weapon that stopped the Apocalypse. It was Sam. Well, to be fair, it was Sam and a pineapple.
PG-13 / humour / Sam PoV

Prelude in E Minor by high_flyer87
Summary: Lucifer comes to Sam in a dream.
PG-13 / drama, Sam/Sam / Sam PoV

Push and Pull by jhisksan
Summary: Sam and Lucifer in fifty sentences.
PG-13 / introspective / Shifting PoV

The Rest is Silence by entangled_now
Summary: Sam learns that change is not always for the better.
PG-13 / introspective / Sam PoV

Rise By Sin by entangled_now
Summary: "A lot of things are my fault," Lucifer says quietly. "Which one in particular offends your brother today."
NC-17 / PWP / Sam PoV

Sanctuary by morganoconner
Summary: Sam’s on a quest to lose himself and he manages to do so quite spectacularly.
NC-17 / clubfic, PWP / Sam PoV

Six Ways from Sunday by holydread
Summary: Sam has bought himself a birthday present, now hopefully he can get Lucifer to play along.
NC-17 / romance, smut, toys / Sam PoV

Spirit of the Season by mithrel
Summary: “Dude, your boyfriend’s worse than Scrooge and the Grinch combined!”
PG / holidays, schmoop / Sam PoV

Stop, Go by entangled_now
Summary: In which it's Dean's mission in life to cockblock Lucifer.
R / humour / Sam PoV

There's a Line Here Somewhere by character_bleed
Summary: In which Dean is jealous of a fork and Sam is huffy.
PG-13 / crack, Dean/Castiel / Other PoV (Dean)

These Shards of Broken Glass by morganoconner
Summary: Sam's had a lot of bad ideas in his life. It may take some careful thought to determine if this qualifies or not.
R / wing!kink / Sam PoV

Those Who Do Not See by entangled_now
Summary: Sam will always break more easily.
NC-17 / h/c, "worship" / Sam PoV

Through the Barricades by character_bleed
Summary: An exploration on Lucifer's "handsyness".
PG-13 / humour / Sam PoV

A Ticklish Situation by mithrel
Summary: Lucifer isn’t fully connected to his vessel.
NC-17 / tickling, PWP / Sam PoV

The Ties that Bind by miya_morana
Summary: Sam never thought it would be like this, never thought he’d actually come to enjoy this game as much as Lucifer does.
NC-17 / animal play, collars / Sam PoV

Time Could Turn Us Around by aeon_entwined
Summary: In which the end is here, and Sam makes his choice.
R / angst / Sam PoV

Underneath My Skin by entangled_now
Summary: Sam considers, for one brief moment, just shutting his eyes. Forcing himself back into sleep and pretending the room is cold and empty.
NC-17 / PWP / Sam PoV

unnamed drabbles by smaragdbird
Summary: Prompts include: Devil's Kiss; breaking the news to Dean; "I'm glad to be with you, Sam, here at the end of all things"; thorn in the lion's paw; and mens sana in corpore sano.
PG / vignettes, preslash / Sam PoV

unnamed drabbles by stangerine88
Summary: Two visions of Lucifer's victory.
PG-13 / dark, vignette / Omniscient PoV & Lucifer PoV

Visiting Hours by downfall35
Summary: Sam hadn't died, but that doesn't stop Lucifer from visiting.
PG / vignette / Shifting PoV

We Are Cold by entangled_now
Summary: "Angels are made of light and space," Lucifer says softly. "Angels are cold."
R / PWP / Sam PoV

We Won't Pass This Way Again (so kiss me with your mouth open) by thevinegarworks
Summary: You know how they say you can kill someone with kindness? Well, Sam's finding out the hard way that patience and understanding can be just as lethal.
R / introspective / Sam PoV

What Happens in Vegas (and all that) by proven_alien
Summary: If anyone asks this was all Dean’s fault, because there was stupid and there was stupid.
NC-17 / PWP, rough sex / Sam PoV

Who Looks Inside, Awakes by slippery_fish
Summary: Dean can't save him. AU ending for Sam, Interrupted.
R / drama / Sam PoV

The Winter in Your Dreams by slippery_fish
Summary: "I like it here," Lucifer whispers, arms still stretched out, eyes on Sam. "I want to stay."
R / introspective, Lucifer as Ruby / Sam PoV

7th-Mar-2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I love this pairing and there apparently are a lot of fics I missed.
7th-Mar-2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
It's too lovely a dynamic to leave alone. I had to find them all. :)
7th-Mar-2010 07:44 pm (UTC)
Wow. This is fantastic!

Thank you so much for putting this together!
7th-Mar-2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you think so! I'm happy to bring these all together for us all.
7th-Mar-2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
I have the worst weakness for Samifer (yes, I've given it a name). I'm collecting OTPs in this fandom. *headdesk*

Anyways, I actually have a series (called Apples & Oranges) that I've started which is based on entangled_now's The Nature of Apples (I actually gave the prompt for that fic, and she delivered so much awesome, it's kind of taken over my brain :D). It's currently located at my journal, which is f-locked, but I'm actually going to be starting up a fic comm/journal later today and I can give you the links there. It's both Sam/Lucifer and Dean/Castiel, just as a heads up. :)
8th-Mar-2010 12:08 am (UTC)
I would love that. Not going to lie, that is one of my very favourite characterisations of these two - more of it can only be a good thing.
8th-Mar-2010 01:54 am (UTC)
Her Samifer is the good shit. Not even kidding. :)

I only hope my homage does her characterizations justice. I've got two parts up so far, and I have no idea how much further it's going to go. We'll see. \o/
8th-Mar-2010 09:41 am (UTC)
Ok ... the comm is up and running ... and here are the fics (they are a series, so they are in that order for a reason)! \o/

NC-17 / angst, romance / Omniscient PoV

Trust Me
R / angst, romance / Omniscient PoV
7th-Mar-2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
this is awesome.

is it okay if i post a link to this to fic_hunt?
8th-Mar-2010 12:07 am (UTC)
Aboslutely, the more people seduced to our side, the better. :)
8th-Mar-2010 12:11 am (UTC)
very true.
8th-Mar-2010 12:24 am (UTC)
I'm thrilled you liked my fics enough to include them, however silver_scrawls is my fic journal, so could you change the author's name?
8th-Mar-2010 12:34 am (UTC)
Done and done. Thanks for the correction.
8th-Mar-2010 02:13 am (UTC)
more samifer:

Title: Faces of Evil (1/3)
Author: *bright

Tittle: Under the Skin

Temptation by Mafagafos
11th-Mar-2010 12:09 am (UTC)
hiasobi has a verse called Love That Saves Us that you may be interested in.

27th-Apr-2010 12:43 am (UTC)
Recommending a new lucifer fic you might enjoy. Written by tigriswolf. With spoilers fro 5.19 Hammer of the Gods.

"Fear Me, Love Me, Do as I Say"
7th-Sep-2010 01:19 am (UTC)

Saving this right the fuck now.
2nd-May-2015 11:19 am (UTC) - fic MIA
Thank You so much for this!

However, "Dusting Down the Stars" appears to be MIA due to deleted/purged account.
And doesn't seem to be around on AO3 either, but perhaps elsewhere? :(

When trying archive.org, there are two captures, but either they are off or the adult content notice has ruined things. 'cause that's all one gets when trying it here with a slightly different username/url, that was referenced here.
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